About the atelier

Atelier lyfe on mars

Likened  to the artist studio/lofts of Chelsea in New York, the refurbished RCA  Electronics building, after its completion in 1920, the Berliner factory, later to become RCA Victor, dominated the sud-ouest’s skyline with its avant-garde architecture and its use of innovative materials.  The factory was actually one of Montreal’s first cement-structured  buildings—a genuine revolution in construction at that time. Today, its continuing presence in the landscape not only pays tribute to the Berliner gramophone and the Victor Talking Machine, but also serves as a  reminder of RCA Victor’s vast contributions to the world of music throughout the decades.

A. Holmes creates her avant garde knits and Eric Capel his paintings and murals out of the Atelier lyfe on mars. 

A. Holmes Knit

A Holmes at work at the Atelier lyfe on mars

A. Holmes creates hand knit, heirloom  pieces from original designs. Each is a functional piece of art for your home.


Eric Capel Paint

Eric Capel, Abstract Painter & Thinker

Eric Capel is an emerging abstract artist producing studies on paper, paintings and murals for art collectors.